Air-Spacers Flying Club; it’s a great place to fly. Thank you for inquiring about membership in Air-Spacers, Santa Monica’s oldest flying club. Air-Spacers began in 1956 and our membership totals 65 men & women who enjoy flying. Air-Spacers is an equity ownership club; an aviation timeshare, if you will. Each member buys an equity share in the club; members own the club and the club owns the aircraft. The equity is based on the historical value of all aircraft and is currently valued at $3,869.00 (subject to change without notice). The equity payment is due upon acceptance of membership. When a member exits the club, his equity is returned to him upon the sale of the membership to a new, incoming member. Equity does not appreciate and typically, does not depreciate. (A member may chose to sell below market when he exits, if he chooses.)

Club Facts

  • Since 1956
  • 65 Members
  • Fleet of 4 Cessnas

Rates – as of Jan 1st 2017

    • C172 N73262 – $86./hr wet
    • C172 N53440 – $96./hr wet
    • C182 N7306Q – $132./hr wet
    • C210 N668DB – $182./hr wet
    • Equity buy-in = $3,869.
    • Dues = $124./month
    • Fully Insured
    • Meticulous Maintenance
    • Meet – 2nd Wed of Month

    Air-Spacers has a fleet of 4 Cessna aircraft: 2-C172s, a C182 and a C210. The club is meticulous about maintenance; ours are among the best maintained aircraft at SMO. This puts them among the safest. Full aircraft information is available at

    Each aircraft is fully insured; members do not need to provide additional insurance but may do so at their option.

    Learn to Fly here: It has been and continues to be the intent of the club that a member who wants to learn how to fly can do so inexpensively and progress through each type of aircraft, gain an IFR rating, or even complete a commercial pilot’s ticket. The club has several CFI and CFIIs to meet your educational needs. A flying club is a very economical way to complete and continue flight training.

    Club membership is the most economical way to fly. Compare our rates with an FBO (Fixed Base Operator) or rental facility. Fly three hours a month and you cover your costs. Fly more often and save even more.

    Dues are $114/month. Presently, there is a $10./month assessment for aircraft upgrades. Total monthly member obligation is $124. plus any flying charges.

    Aircraft reservations: Air-Spacers uses Schedule Master, a computerized scheduling service by Time-Sync, Inc. Member reservations can by made either online or over the phone. As about only 25% of the membership is flying at any one time and with a little planning for busy times, plane are readily available.

    To apply for membership, request an application via email:, attend a general membership meeting, as described below or click here to download an application form. An application/transfer fee of $125.00, must be submitted along with the application.

    When and where are the meetings held?
    General Membership meetings are held at 7:15pm on the 2nd Wednesday of the month in the Conference room of the Administration Bldg @ SMO located at 3223 Donald Douglas Loop S, Santa Monica. Please RSVP to

    Directions: From either north or south on Bundy Ave.

    • Proceed west on Airport Ave. to the first stop sign
    • Turn right at the stop sign.
    • Follow road around to second stop sign.
    • Turn left into parking lot & park.
    • Take stairs or elevator to the left of the flag pole to the second floor.
    • Proceed to the conference room.

    Come join us. You won’t be alone; meet new friends and enjoy talking about planes and flying. And if you haven’t already been there, check out our website @

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