What are the current flying Rates?

Hourly Rates:

  • C172 – N73262 is $86 per hour, hobbs (wet)
  • C172 – N53440 is $96 per hour, hobbs (wet)
  • C182 – N7306Q is $132 per hour, tach (wet)
  • C210 – N668DB is $182 per hour, tach (wet)

Are there any dues to pay?

Yes. Monthly dues are $114.00. Plus a $10/month assessment for the purchase of ADS-b equipment mandated by 2020. Total monthly obligation = $124.00.

How much is an equity share?

Currently, the FULL share price is $3,869. The equity share is the combined total historic cost of all aircraft including improvements for new members.

What happens to my equity if I leave the club?

Memberships and aircraft equities are purchased and sold only with the participation of Air-Spacers, Inc. Air-Spacers will reimburse the exiting member for the full value of his/her equities in the aircraft less any outstanding charges owed to the club. An exiting member remains liable for all dues, labor share, assessments, fees, fines or penalties until the aircraft equities are sold to a new member.

How do I qualify to fly?

You are entitled to fly all the airplanes for which you are licensed and in which you own equity. We do, however, demand safety and you are required to successfully perform a checkout/check ride with a club instructor when you join the club and once a year thereafter.

Is it hard to reserve an airplane?

No. The club an excellent online reservations service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, accessed from our online scheduling website. In addition, the same reservation system is accessible from an (800) telephone number.

How long has the club been around? What is its history? How’s it set up?

Air-Spacers was started in 1956. It is a non-profit California corporation. Membership is limited to 65 members and the club owns and flys four Cessnas:

  • 1976 C172M
  • 2003 C172S
  • 1972 C182P
  • 1975 C210L

Who owns the aircraft?

The Club (Air-Spacers, Inc.) owns the aircraft. The members own the club; one share, one vote per member.

How do I join the club?

Fill out an application. Upon Board approval of your application and payment of a non-refundable application fee of $125, you become an owner and voting member of Air-Spacers, Inc.
Download an application click here.

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page updated: 8 Feb 2017