This is Air-Spacers Flying Club @ SMO. We are a non-profit – making us the cheapest place to fly. A community of pilots, aviators, and aviation enthusiasts of all backgrounds and experience levels: From zero-time students, to private, commercial, and airline pilots.

Membership has its privileges. SMO Airport gate card access to all members means you’ll enter the airport with your car and park right under the wing as you head out for your adventure. We are an equity ownership club. Each of our members own 1/65th of Air-Spacers, and Air-Spacers owns all of the clubs assets, planes, and financial reserves. All the benefits of plane ownership, without having to care for everything yourself. Our maintenance is performed by skilled and licensed shops and repair facilities, and our planes follow a strict maintenance and safety inspection schedule. All of our formal positions are member volunteers. Your investment in Air-Spacers is an equity purchase, and when you join you’ll become a partial owner of our fleet of 5 planes. If you ever decide to leave (work relocation, medical issues, or otherwise), just let us know and we’ll transfer your membership to an applicant seeking to join. When your membership equity share sells, you are repaid your initial buy-in. 

Please contact: board@airspacers.com


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