Air-Spacers Flying Club

Air-Spacers Flying Club is Santa Monica's oldest flying club. Since 1958, our members have been gracing the skies of Santa Monica and beyond with a simple mission of providing the joy of flight and airplane ownership.

Our current membership totals 65 people who are equal share equity owners of the club, Air-Spacers, Inc., which owns the airplanes. Presently, there are 5 different aircraft in our fleet with varying specifications and missions which any qualified member can choose from.

Be an Owner

Equity membership in our flying club means your access to safe & reliable aircraft is considerably more flexible than renting.

Advanced Fleet

There are currently five aircraft in our fleet. Three Cessnas, a Cirrus and a Diamond. All have updated avionics and are kept in excellent condition.

Affordable Rates

Our least expensive plane, a Cessna 172M, is only $111 per Hobbs hour.

Fly for Fun, or Add Ratings

We have CFI & CFII members that can help you earn your Private Pilot's License, Instrument Rating, and more.


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