We have monthly memberships meetings.  At these meetings we discuss safety, watch videos, plan flights, and talk about anything aviation.


Airspacers Flying Club offers the lowest rates available at the Santa Monica Airport.  Hourly rates start at $98 per hour (wet).

Learn to Fly

Airspacers’ members consist of highly qualified instructors.  Whether you have never flown or are trying to earn your commercial pilot’s license, we have instructors that can help you achieve your aviation goals.

“The monthly member’s meeting has guest speakers, provide an opportunity for members to voice their ideas, and are a great way to meet other aeronauts.”

- 10 Year Member –

“I’m very happy about the current member base.  There are many very experienced pilots who make themselves available for tips, tricks, lessons, safety advice, suggested flight plans, and more.  This is extremely valuable to me.”

- 1 Year Member –

“While there are technically 65 members and only 4 airplanes, I was surprised to see that I was able to reserve an aircraft essentially whenever I wanted to.  Aside from great weather on popular holidays,  I don’t have to book planes too far in advance.”

- 25 Year Member –