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Air-Spacers Flying Club is Santa Monica Airport's (SMO) oldest flying club. In operation since 1958, our membership totals 65 people who love to fly.

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Our Cessna 172M is Only $111/Hour!

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What Is A Flying Club?

Our club is an equity ownership club, meaning that each member is a fractional owner in the entity which owns and operates the aircraft. We are a registered not-for-profit which means that being a member can be significantly more cost-effective versus renting - especially in expensive Santa Monica. 

Being a club means that we are able to operate our aircraft at a significantly lower cost versus a flight school or FBO. Our planes are fully insured for all members and we have no daily minimums. For members, this means the planes are maintained and ready to fly when you need them.

Advance your ratings with our member instructors!
(CFI/CFII Available!)

Find friends through the club and just go flying!