Air-Spacers Flying Club

Air-Spacers Flying Club is Santa Monica's oldest flying club. Since 1958, our members have been gracing the skies of Santa Monica and beyond with a simple mission of providing the joy of flight and airplane ownership.

Our current membership totals 65 people who are equal share equity owners of the club, Air-Spacers, Inc., which owns the airplanes. Presently, there are 6 different aircraft in our fleet with varying specifications and missions which any qualified member can choose from.

Our newest plane: Cirrus SR22

Be an Owner

Equity membership in our flying club means your access to safe & reliable aircraft is considerably more flexible than renting.

Advanced Fleet

There are currently five aircraft in our fleet. Three Cessnas, a Cirrus and a Diamond. All have updated avionics and are kept in excellent condition.

Affordable Rates

Our least expensive plane, a Cessna 172M, is only $112 per Hobbs hour.

Fly for Fun, or Add Ratings

We have CFI & CFII members that can help you earn your Private Pilot's License, Instrument Rating, and more.



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