There is no single thing more important to Our Club and its members than safety.

Our Philosophy

We believe that regular flying and an informed membership is critical to ensuring the safety of all. Members with an intimate knowledge of our planes can volunteer to be a "Plane Captain."

These Plane Captains become the main contact for all who fly the plane and have a question or notice a potential issue. They will coordinate inspections, general maintenance, and upgrades as necessary.

Membership Meetings

Each month the club holds a general meeting to go over various club business. Each Plane Captain and the Safety Chair shares updates regarding any potential issues, coming upgrades, or general information. This gives members a chance to quickly get the most up-to-date information on our aircraft for planned downtime related to inspections, upgrades, or otherwise.

Regular Inspections

Our entire fleet undergoes regular 100-hour inspections, oil analysis, and visual inspections to ensure that everything is working right. All maintenance is conducted by appropriately licensed/certified shops and mechanics who specialize in the specific type. Our Safety Chair and Plane Captains are in regular communication about small issues and coordinate to reduce downtime, keep the planes in excellent condition, and notify members of any concerns.